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From reality TV to real life, it's all just So Dramatic!

Entertainment journalist Megan Pustetto brings you exclusive reality TV gossip, breaks down all the latest celeb scandals, and delves into all the drama happening in her own life too!

Megan goes straight to the source to bring you the tea, featuring exclusive chats with your favourite reality stars, celebrities, and special guests, and gets the answers to questions everyone else is too afraid to ask!

Just three weeks after launching, So Dramatic! peaked at number one on the Australian podcast charts and was named Australia's number one TV & Film Podcast in 2020!

So much drama, so little time!

*sips tea*

New episode hot off the press!

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Megan promises the tea, and she certainly delivers. This podcast is great, easy and fun to listen to. I love that Megan never holds back in asking the questions we want answered. She gets the good goss and the good guests. Love it.

yvie_jones @username

Australia’s Number One Podcast! Where I go for all my reality television tea! ☕️

Jamie Doran @username

The best podcast (and thats coming from a straight man)! This podcast is so juicy!! Juicier than a WAP! Dripping💦

PJ GRILIC @username

This podcast is so refreshing with its honesty. Thank god for this podcast not being another people pleaser, vanilla show.

laan17 @username

Best podcast ever!! I absolutely love this podcast!! It’s hilarious, it’s full of drama and it’s just good fun!!

Katie-Mac87 @username

Love this! My fave new podcast. So much juicy gossip!

Arcadeyblog @username

One of my favourite podcasts, never miss an episode! 😍 Love hearing about the other side of the big reality shows and what really goes on behind the scenes. All is not how it seems!

Emilyvoo1979 11/11/2020

My go to for all the tea! Absolutely love this podcast and Megan she’s always keeping it interesting and has all the guests you’d want to hear from each week!

sodramaticfanatic @username

Love your poddy! You are doing God's work!

Princessdahls @username

Ummm pretty sure our master-snooper has a crystal ball. Best podcast for all things gossipy in Oz and so accurate. Grab the sage and get cleansing so you can be ready to fill up on the truth. 🙌🏻

mama_Tan_Tan 06/11/2020

Megan is the best, if you love your Bachie drama and intel as much as I do, you will love this podcast 🌟!

Pooeybec 01/11/2020

Megan gives the juicy tea in every episode and does nothing but deliver with honesty and integrity. The best podcast to come out of 2020!

mel0941 @username

Best Australian reality TV podcast! This is one of the only podcasts (all genres) I listen to as soon as it drops. It’s juicy AF. I love Megan’s sense of humour, she doesn’t take herself too seriously, and she has an uncanny ability to get the tea in Australian reality TV scene. No one is like her on the podcast scene!

kerbertson @username

I’m so obsessed with this podcast! Megan delivers the goods time and time again. She’s funny, personable and has the BEST insider goss. I’m addicted!

kellyrose-1983 @username

One of my favourite podcasts, never miss an episode! 😍 Love hearing about the other side of the big reality shows and what really goes on behind the scenes. All is not how it seems! And love Megan, she is fantastic at what she does 😍 Keep up the good work, I will be listening 🙌🏻

Emily1979 @username

So much tea, delivered with sass. Never disappoints.

Deeeeeeedles @username

Love This Podcast ❤️ Such a good podcast I look forward to it every week!!!

Example Mon @username

Love love love this poddy! Always brightens my day when an ep is ready 🥰

Serina0111 @username

We ❤️ u Megan! Keep doing gods (or Satan's 😈) work with this bomb podcast! We love and appreciate your amazing journalistic skills xxxx

Dramaqueen6666666 @username

Love this podcast! Megan is brilliant! She puts all the other news outlets to shame and even calls them out because she knows what is real. Get involved!

Justina Maria @username

Love this podcast, it has all the juicy goss that I never realised I needed in my life. Megan is so great and I love her sayings! RIP me is now a frequent feature in my conversations.

Elro27 @username

My absolute fav! Can’t miss an episode, the tea is too hot! Megan always has the best inside goss, and makes everything hilarious. Thank you for keeping us entertained always !

rachelfrankiet @username

🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 Love this podcast and Megan is a legend 🙌🏻✨

eva.nix123 @username

Literally the only podcast I listen to! Great podcast and accurate too! I’m not normally one to listen to podcasts but this one is the exception to the rule. Highly recommend it, especially if you love the inside scoop about reality tv shows :)

Sartay2 @username

It’s the best! Love this Podcast! Megan has all the intel, speaks to the right people & spills all the tea. My go-to podcast for the real gos. Other media sources listen to this podcast and use it for their news stories!! 💕

JoelleAntoinette @username

Juicy Goss. Love the casual approach. It’s like sitting around with friends. Not over produced. I like that Megan tells us about her life can have a laugh at herself

Chicki99 @username

Best podcast in the genre. Love this podcast! Love the host and the way it’s presented 10/10

Bobbi Miranda @username

Love this podcast! Best ever for light entertainment

Casz1 @username

Megan Pustetto is an icon, a queen and a legend! It’s EVERYTHING you need in a podcast and more.

Trent_vu @username

The tea is good! Loving all the tea from this years bachy and BIP! Sahhhhh good lol #superspreaders haha

Miss_etc3 @username

Lovin the goss! Best podcast - spillin all the tea

marlcam @username

Great Host! Love Megan’s voice- it’s very easy to listen to. Lots of juicy goss which is well researched!!

Lemonily5459 @username

Loving it! Always look forward to this after a long day ☕️

SC1512 @username

Love this podcast, Megan is killing it! She drops episodes regularly and they’re absolutely hilarious. All the goss on the Bachelor ahead of time, and all the behind-the-scenes info. Keep doing what you’re doing Megan! Amazing stuff.

JanosJanosJanos @username

So much tea! If you want all the goss, this is the best podcast to get it. Megan has mad connections, so you know you’re getting your tea from a reputable source. Love this poddy, thanks for all your hard work!

AKreative @username

This podcast presents a tonne of fascinating observations without really delving into analysis and seriously, what a breath of fresh air!

es0042 @username

Love it! Give me all the goss 😍

Zprice92 @username

Highlight of my week ☕️ Megan, you do gods work. So grateful for this podcast, never fails to make me laugh!

xMallie @username

Megan, you and your podcast is entertaining and I love it! It’s a good laugh and helps to input some less serious vibes into everyday routine! Keep up the good work!! Haters ganna hate. Just shake it off girl, as taylor would say.

jleesmith06 @username

Love it! Short, concise and juicy ☕️ Also, it keeps all these D list celebs accountable!

Ninja_dusty @username

Can’t help but listen! Good stuff.

emily.colour @username

My new fav poddy! 🥰

Jesssssika @username

LOVE! The only reason I watch the bachelor is to listen to this podcast!!! Keep spilling that tea girl I’m here for it!

ThereseMee1717 @username

So much tea! Loving the tea. So much! It's well researched and presented in a fun way. I look forward to each episode.

JuzCrafty @username

LOVE THIS PODCAST! After a hard day at work, I love listening to this. 10/10

Lucia1992 @username

Thanks for all the tea ... everything on the Bachelor makes much more sense now!! Look forward to the next Ep!!

Caz020110 @username

Enter Megan! She gives us all the gossip news we so desperately want (but are afraid to admit) but it’s accurate! Her sources are the people she is sharing stories about, she isn’t malicious, well spoken and the podcast is well presented. Well done Megan!

mrs pattinson @username

I’m Obsessed! I’m living for this tea, it’s such a glorious companion to the shows, unbelievably juicy! Completely distracts me momentarily from the stress & uncertainty of Covid. I love Megan’s voice, & her laugh. Thanks for making this podcast!!

BeccaSound @username

Every person Megan interviews is more than comfortable to spill the tea because of Megan's straightforward journalistic style that makes them feel both safe (and accountable!) Far more than just gossip, she gets her info from the horse's mouth!

Handle odor @username

Love it! Always looking forward to the next podcast :) Haters gonna hate

carlz1990 @username

Sooo good! I’m absolutely LOVING this podcast - just bulk listened to all eps back to back. Keep them coming!💜

kskkssssk @username

10/10! Here for this TEA!!

LozDew @username

The Hottest Tea Around Absolutely love everything about this Podcast. The way you narrate it and the way you produce the Podcast is sooo good. I love the Special Guest you have on the show. Such Hot Tea and not talk takes, all truths that we’re dying to hear. I love how you’re not biased to anyone and just state the facts (Even if you’re friends with them 🤭) Please keep the episodes coming because I can’t get enough of this.

Karl dex @username

Megan’s strong journalism skills come through in this fast paced, but delightfully humanistic podcast on Australian reality TV episodes, & characters. She delivers timely goss straight from participants who clearly trust her, as well as insights on those who’s behaviour, on and off camera deserve to be exposed. Thank you for bringing us the tea! It is delish!

Catza003 @username

The best goss! The content is funny, juicy and I love that the host doesn’t just suck up to all the contestants. Please don’t change!!!

Winnksy @username

This is the only reason I will ever wake up at 6am on a Monday morning! Keep it up Megan! 😘

Oogles3331 @username

The queen of spoilers and I love it! Great podcast, Megan is fantastic and keeps us updated on all reality tv goss - a short and sweet podcast but certainly spills the tea! Love it! ❤️🕵️‍♀️

Megcarmo @username

Obsessed! Can’t stop listening. Got a second kettle for all the tea!

laugri @username

So much juicy goss each time - please keep it coming Megan!

erinkatemc @username

Best podcast everrrr! If you don’t listen to this you are missing out.

katie.eeeeeee @username

SO MUCH TEA! The reality goss that gets shared on this podcast is amazing! Love it! Keep up the good work!

rubyluellat @username


Howhowshen @username

Loveeeee! So addicted! My first podcast I ever listened to and now I’m hooked. Obsessed with you!

Jazeliz @username

Love the podcast, excellent audio quality, I just feel they all love the drama going on there shows cause who doesn’t watch for the drama right?? Keep up the good work!

Wes Walker @username

If you love reality TV, this is definitely for you!

KDonelovs @username

Love it! Juiciest goss!

jgr____ @username

Hottest reality tv gossip! This podcast give you the insider scoop on all things in Aussie tv reality!

Haylz102 @username

Love all the juicy insider goss.

soochi11 @username

This is my new (not so) guilty pleasure. Absolutely love this podcast and it’s honest wrap up and behind the scenes goss of Aussie reality TV. It really is so dramatic (sorry I had to). Also Megan - how does one successfully slide into your DM’s because I am friendship crushing hard!

Ra_oo_la @username

LOOOVEEEE! One ep a week isn’t enough! 🙃

AM____ @username

Obsessed! This podcast is awesome and it is like having a coffee or walk with a best mate and catching up on the gossip. Love this show, get it in your ears!

sassykimana @username

So juicy! For every Aussie into reality TV. LISTEN!

elisebeauty @username

Love love this podcast!!! Megan is hilarious and the tea she spills has turned out to be soooo accurate. Love the humour and love the tea!

Zzzbling @username

Worth every second. Cannot recommend this podcast highly enough. Megan is not the hero we deserve, but the hero we need.

libbywouldwouldntshe @username

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